Piano lessons & theory

To enjoy the piano one must play songs. We begin by learning a song the first lesson. Through learning songs students initiate the muscle control mastery necessary to play the piano. Regular practice encourages the growth of new neuronal pathways which facilitate playing the piano.

  • Beginners: Learn a song the first lesson. Initial focus is dexterity and acquiring the muscle memory needed to play piano: training the fingers and hands to obey our mental commands. After learning a number of simple songs, the study of music notation including music theory is begun, as well as honing technique (technical skills) and building repertoire (music for performance). 
  • Jazz Piano: study includes improvisation techniques, chord scales, chord voicings for solo piano and combos. Learn to play in multiple styles including swing, latin, bop, and straight ahead.
  • Contemporary pop piano: study of various styles for aspiring solo pianist/vocalists.
  • Singer/songwriters: learn self-accompaniment techniques for piano.
  • Music Theory: study contemporary music theory with a professional musician with 50+ years of performance experience.