how much music are you looking for?  

solo: piano and vocals (jazz/blues/pop/classic rock)

trio, AKA JS3: piano/vocals, bass & drums (jazz/r&b/soul trio)

jonny tripps : piano/vocals, bass & drums (pop/blues/rock trio)

jojo tripps : piano/vocals, guitar/vocals, bass & drums (multi-genre band)

serious groove based music for any occasion

My YouTube channel features a number of videos, all live recordings of various shows, capturing the quality of the music as it will be performed at any venue we're hired to play.

The following links take you the matching playlist on my YouTube channel.

jonathan sanson solo: solo piano & vocals (videos still be edited)

JS3: jazz trio with or w/o vocals

JoJo Tripps: classic rock/pop/blues/reggae/r&b/funk band

 Jonny Tripps: blues/pop/funky cartoon songs groovin' trio

as well here is a link to my last project that was cut short due to COVID19...

DeepCutDaddies: five piece blues/classic rock/AC/yacht rock/reggae band